Weight Loss Success!


Weight-loss success!

Madison is a friendly black lab who was an obese 69 pounds when she came in for her 16-month-old vaccine check-up two years ago.  Dr. Hendershot prescribed a strict diet and lots of exercise.  At her next check-up one year later, she had made great progress (she weighed 63 pounds) but still had some weight to lose.  This year, she is a perfect 55 pounds!  Madison and her owners have done an excellent job with her weight loss program!

Keeping your pets at their ideal weight is important for overall health and will help them to live longer.  Regular exercise not only helps them shed pounds, but is a great way to keep them mentally stimulated and out of trouble!  Limiting calories by feeding low-calorie diets and decreasing treats is also important.  Green beans are a healthy snack that should replace the other treats and table scraps given to overweight dogs.

You are always welcome to bring your pets in to the clinic and pop them on a scale to check their current weight and monitor their progress.  Be sure to take before, during, and after pictures—we would love to post them on our Facebook page!

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