Laparoscopic Spay

Canine Ovariohysterectomy

The medical word for spay is ovariohysterectomy (OH).  Our clinic now offers our clients a choice between a traditional and a laparoscopic spay.  The laparoscope allows the surgeon to make a very tiny incision (about ½ inch) and visualize the ovaries and uterus.  Using a cautery device, all vessels are sealed and cut.  This minimizes any bleeding, and studies have shown that it is 65% less painful than the traditional spay. 

Why is a laparoscopic spay less painful?
In traditional spays, a ligament called the suspensory ligament must be torn in order to remove the ovaries from the abdomen.  This results in bleeding under the muscle that it attaches to and creates more discomfort.  With laparoscopic surgery, the ovary is elevated, and the blood vessels and ligaments are visualized, cauterized, and cut.  No tissues are torn.

What is the recovery time?
The first few days after surgery, dogs that have had laparoscopic surgery tend to be much more comfortable and active.  We still send home a few days of anti-inflammatory pain control to make sure that all post-op patients are as comfortable as possible. 

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