How To Choose The Right Chew Toy.

Not all chew toys are created equal and finding a good one may be more than a matter of your pet’s preferences.  Knowing which chew toys are best for your pet may help since any given pet store has so many to choose from now.  Some of those toys have the potential to cause harm to your pet.  Having a few guidelines in mind can help. 


Not so hard they can break your pet’s teeth.  – Some toys are too hard which may fracture a tooth when your pet bites down, especially if your pet is a “power chewer”.   This can be very painful if the tooth is fractured into the pulp cavity or the root, resulting in the need for a root canal or extraction.  Hard toys may also wear down the enamel prematurely.  These toys may include cow hooves, real bones, and hard nylon bones. 

Significant chunks aren’t allowed to be swallowed.  – Gastrointestinal obstruction can occur if large pieces are swallowed, requiring surgery to fix.  To help prevent this, choose items large enough the animal can’t swallow it whole.  With toys like rawhides that wear down over time be sure to take it away when the remaining chunks are large, but able to be swallowed.   















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Discussion: How To Choose The Right Chew Toy.