Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

Halloween is in just a few days! This can be a fun holiday for kids and adults alike, but it's not always great for pets.  Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Candy abounds during this holiday, which poses a threat to pets, who may try to eat whatever is left within their reach.  Most people know that chocolate is toxic to pets, but other candies can also cause problems. Gorging on too much sugar and fat can lead to pancreatitis, which can be fatal, and the candy wrappers themselves can cause an intestinal obstruction in your pet.
2. Another Halloween risk to pets is glow sticks and jewelry.  Cats seem especially drawn to these, and will nibble on them if left within their reach.  The substance inside is not only toxic, but is also caustic, and can create painful sores in their mouths.
3. Some pets love to dress up and have their pictures taken, but others are less than pleased by the whole ordeal. Make sure to keep your pet's comfort in mind if you choose to dress them up in costume, and never leave a pet unattended while dressed up!
4. Halloween can be a nightmare for pets with anxiety when strangers come to the house.  The doorbell ringing every few minutes with happy trick-or-treaters is not a treat for these pets.  Try to keep them confined and away from the front door on Halloween night or during holiday parties so they aren't terrorized by the festivities.
If your pets do enjoy dressing up and meeting new people, don't forget to bring them by the clinic so we can see them and take pictures!  We are open Halloween night until 8pm.  Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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