Pet of the Week: Daphne

Meet Daphne, a super sweet, 13-year-old, mixed-breed dog.

Daphne had a dental cleaning in March of 2009.  When she came back a year later, her teeth were still pretty clean.  But by the next annual check-up, her teeth were covered in a thick layer of tartar, and we recommended another cleaning.




Daphne’s teeth before her dental.





Before Daphne was anesthetized for her dental, she was thoroughly examined, and we ran some blood tests to make sure she was healthy.  She had an IV catheter and received intravenous fluids throughout the anesthesia to support her vital organs.  Her blood pressure, heart rate, and respiratory rate were monitored closely while she was asleep to make sure she was doing ok.

Daphne’s teeth cleaned up nicely, and we did not have to pull any.  We took some xrays of her teeth to make sure the roots looked good, and they were all fine.  Daphne went home that afternoon.

Daphne’s teeth after her dental.

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